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In the banking industry, offering Utility Bill Payments at branches and on self-service terminals has now become an essential service. As rapidly as the consumer base of utility and mobile companies is increasing, it is now a basic necessity for a banking consumer to have options to pay utility bills over the phone, through the Internet or at conveniently located self-service terminals such as ATMs and Kiosk.

TPS’ diversified range of e-Banking and e-Payment product portfolio includes online Utility Bill Payment solution (UBPS) as well that can empower banks to offer online utility at branch tellers and through various alternate delivery channels such as ATM, IVR, Call Center, Internet Banking and so on. Being in the industry since 1996 TPS has many firsts in the industry and an online utility bill payment is also amongst them.

   Solution   Features
Utility Bill Payment System (UBPS) is an Electronic Bills Presentment and Payment (EBPP) system, aimed at enabling the banks to deploy bill presentment and payment service through their electronic delivery channels, capitalizing on the banks’ self-service banking network and infrastructure.

UBPS provides a single source of all billing data, by maintaining a billing data repository from all utility companies. UBPS also maintains database of customers’ relationships with the utility companies, and facilitates the reconciliation and settlement between a bank and a utility company.



Following major components comprise UBPS:
  • Server Application/Transaction Processing Application
  • Billing and Relationships Database
  • BackOffice Application
  • Phoenix Bills Payment Module
Server Application performs functions like:
  • Transaction Processing
  • Interfacing with Phoenix
  • Interaction with UBPS Database
  • etc.
UBPS maintains a database using MS SQL Server for storing all related information, which includes:
  • Billing data from all supported utility companies
  • Bill payment details
  • Customer to Utility Company relationships
  • Miscellaneous data related to the system
The back office application provides with the administration, management and maintenance features, including:
  • Billing Data Import and Population
  • Billing Data Import and Population
  • Generation of utility company specific export/payment file
  • Utility Company specific reconciliation and settlement report
  • Bills Payment transaction reports
  • System Configuration
The bank may also opt for a UBPS Web-Interface for its Tellers to accept bill payments on cash from walk-in customers
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The Internet banking product from TPS, is designed for institutions that wish to provide their customers with a 1-stop source for integrated and multiple core banking services.