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Financial institutions worldwide are responding to challenges of providing unique value to their informed and demanding customers by packaging and integrating product sets that match their customers’ individual needs and payment preferences and then delivering them through any channel they prefer free from time and geographical boundaries.
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Banks need to have a complete strategy for future rollout of various alternate distribution channels with minimum disruption to their core banking infrastructure. That’s exactly what TPS flagship product, Phoenix, does. Phoenix is an EFT switch and middleware that dove tails various remote banking channels into an integrated alternate distribution schema for delivery of various financial and non-financial services to self-service touch-points such as ATM, CDM, Kiosks, IVR, Call Center and Internet. Phoenix shields the complexity of remote banking channels and related technologies allowing banks to focus on business processes and delivery.

Phoenix has a building block approach allowing services and capabilities to be added without the need to replace any components in the system. In addition to initial cost savings, this approach preserves a bank’s investment for future growth. With the alternate channels decoupled from the banking platform by Phoenix, it is also very simple for a bank to migrate from one core banking platform to another at any time in future without disrupting any remote banking services that it may have already deployed.


With Phoenix, an institution does not just acquire a simple ATM switch but a complete switching middleware and delivery channel management solution. Phoenix middleware capabilities are being used by numerous financial institutions for deploying various value added financial services on diversified delivery channels while maintaining a single, uniform and consistent interface to their back-end core banking system(s). Phoenix comprises of the following capabilities:

  • Multi purpose ATM Switch & Transaction Processing Middleware
  • Integrated End –to-End Channel Manager
  • Multi Vendor ATM Controller
  • Multi Purpose POS Platform offering
  • Issuer Authorization System
  • 3DES Compliant
  • EMV complaint
  • Debit Card processing & management
  • Certified Interfacing with major Core Banking Systems
  • Provides a Generic Interfacing format for seamless integration with 3rd party solutions
  • Process transactions received from all ADCs e.g. Call Center, IVR, Mobile Banking Internet Banking, etc.
  • Supports various services on Regional and International Networks
Phoenix is ideally suited not only for banks to roll out their self service program and also for private ATM operators to function as their own ATM processor and to interface to any authorization gateway or co-processor
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Next Generation of Transaction Switching Middleware and Alternate Distribution Solution
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