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As banks rollout their remote banking initiatives aggressively, the right strategy makes a difference between a successful or a restrictive future growth of alternate distribution channels and remote banking initiative. Having a successful alternate distribution program implies that the bank can isolate its core business functions from the intricacies of electronic distribution channels. This ensures minimal interruption to core banking function and faster as well as consistent deployment of new services through diversified remote banking channels.
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IRIS is the Next Generation Enterprise Switching Middleware based on Phoenix technology that lays the foundation for alternative distribution infrastructure on which channels and services can be added with great ease and in very short time.

IRIS builds a strong framework for banks on which they can immediately deploy support for various delivery channels like ATM, IVR, Call Center, Point of Sale Network (at branches/merchants), Internet Banking, Cellular Banking, Bill Payments etc. Whatever the delivery channel, IRIS provides the bridge between the bank’s service offering and service delivery to its customers. Such architecture unveils real power of IRIS, when it is used beyond a conventional debit switch and as a middleware to integrate the front-end alternate delivery channels. IRIS middleware architecture simplifies an otherwise complex network of heterogeneous systems and solutions, by providing a singular interface to the hosts, shielding all the intricacies of the front-end channels and effectively isolating their complexities from back end systems.


IRIS has an intuitive web-based UI with a robust RDBMS architecture harnessing the power or Oracle. IRIS offers the following services and a feature suitable for today’s needs, and well equipped for tomorrow’s expectations:

  • Alternate Channel Expansion
  • Services on Regional and International Networks
  • Remote Banking
  • Card Personalization and Customer Management
  • Customer Services and Dispute Management
  • Operations and Back-office solution
  • Self Service Terminal Management
  • EMV Issuing Acquiring and Personalization
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Transaction Switching Middleware & Integrated Delivery Channel Manager
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