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In today’s competitive financial environment where customers have become demanding and loyalty is giving way to convenience and ease of access; retaining and attracting customers can no longer rely on conventional branch banking only. Attracting business and retaining competitive edge requires banks to provide its services on demand and where the customers want them. Internet Banking is used by many banks to create a difference and extend their services to conveniently reach their customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
   Solution   Features
PRISM, the Internet Banking solution from TPS, is designed for institutions that wish to rapidly deploy Internet Banking services for its customers while capitalizing on the infrastructure already available in their ADC portfolio. With PRISM, banks’ customers can conveniently and securely transact online with the bank staying within the comfort of their homes, office, and travel. With virtual e-banking accessible through the Internet, banks can concentrate more on cross selling and other revenue generating activities in the traditional branch.

PRISM delivers a virtual branch to bank’s customers anywhere in the world using internet and can provide various services that are already being offered by the banks as part of their alternate delivery expansion motion. All the account based inquiries and financial transactions that the Core Banking systems and Middleware support can be provided via PRISM. PRISM connects to the Core Banking System via Bank’s Middleware for online inquiries and responses to the customers for information relating to various financial and non-financial transactions.


Some of the standard features of IRIS PCMS include:

  • Provides ADC services to customers at the convenience of their fingertips
  • Supports a wide variety of browsers and devices including
  • PCs/Laptop, tablets and mobile devices
  • Scheduling options for funds transfer and Bill Payment
  • Highly flexible infrastructure that can easily scale to support future needs
  • Supports multiple external interfaces to communicate with a variety of back-end systems
  • Provides highly secure infrastructure
  • Supports two factor authentication
  • Uses industry standard platform that promises future sustainability
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Easier, faster & more convenient way for utility bill payment! A promising addition to your customer service portfolio
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