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With the evolution of cards and payment solutions, prepaid cards have become the preferred alternative to cash. They are safer than cash, more convenient than cheques, and easier to obtain than debit or credit cards. For card issuers the need of the hour is to provide customers with attractive card program schemes and excellent service to tap into this fast-growing market.
   Solution   Features
IRIS Prepaid Card Management System (PCMS) is a one-stop end-to-end solution for development, processing and administration of prepaid card programs.

This includes everything from card program setup, customer wallet setup, card production and personalization, card issuance, over the counter sales, inventory management, transaction processing, customer after sales & top-ups, detailed reporting, and, agent and customer web portals to mention a few.. IRIS PCMS is easy to implement, affordable prepaid card management system that can give you the competitive edge you need to win your customers.


Some of the standard features of IRIS PCMS include:

  • Comprehensive Prepaid Wallet Management
  • Multi-Currency Multi-Wallet Products
  • Fixed Value / Variable Value Retail Cards
  • Reloadable / Non- Reloadable Retail Cards
  • General Purpose Card
  • Corporate Cards
  • PIN / Non-PIN based
  • Personalized Cards
  • Closed & Open Loop Cards
  • Configurable Customer Minimal KYC Support
  • Card Issuance & Physical Inventory Management
  • Agent Portal for Sales
  • Customer Protals (Separate Corporate & Retail)
  • Flexible Fee & Charges Module
  • EOD & MIS Reports
  • Provision of Visa/ MasterCard/ Diners/ Proprietary
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