TPS - Making Transactions Happen

TPS houses a rich and diverse range of platform independent and multi-vendor e-banking solutions and services that offer competitive edge to its customers. TPS offers a combination of technical and business expertise in the area of card management, prepaid cards, multi-channel issuing and acquiring, payment processing, alternate delivery channel management, bills payment gateway and processing, remittance hub and processing, payment gateways and internet & mobile banking. 

Our switching solutions are certified with all major international and regional payment associations like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, UAE Switch, Bahrain Benefit Network, Qatar NAPS Network, GCC Net, etc. TPS switching technologies are based on enterprise middleware philosophy whereby TPS EFT switch interacts with third party channel solution providers as well as TPS provided channel solutions to deliver round-the-clock personalized, consistent and reliable remote banking services through convenient electronic touch points like ATMs, POS, Kiosks, Cellular Banking, IVR, Call Centers etc.

TPS also offers specific customizations and add-on solutions to meet the needs of banks and provides flexibility, scalability and seamless integration of e-Banking operations across entire banking enterprise from back-office to front-office customer service management

Our Products include:

  • IRIS – Next Generation Enterprise Switch
  • PRISM – Retail Banking
  • IRIS PCMS – Card Management Solution
  • Moneta – Remittance Processing System
  • UBPS – Electronic Bill Payments
  • Payment Gateway – Payment Gateway

    Enterprise Multi-Channel Switch
    “Integrated, flexible and scalable multi-channel switch.”

      Retail Banking
    “Online banking for laptops, desktops, mobile phones and tablets.”

    Card Management
    “End-to-end solution for development, processing and administration of prepaid and debit card programs.”


    Payment Gateway
    “Enabling e-commerce through cards, bank accounts and mobile wallets.


    Remittance Processing
    “Remittance gateway & processing system for money transfers between senders & receivers”


    Bill Presentment and Payment
    “Scalable, robust and efficient bill aggregator and payment system”