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Human Resource Department at TPS always seeks improvements in its functions for employee development. A whole career for each is sought by the company for the retention and growth of the employees. TPS Pakistan believes in providing quality environment and benefits to its valuable employees.
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TPS Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited, a leading software house specializing in payment and transaction processing solutions, is constantly looking for skilled software engineers with expertise on both Microsoft and UNIX platforms. We are looking for people with top-notch programming skills who are passionate about their work and want to make a difference in the world. If you thrive in small, focused teams and high-energy environments and find it satisfying to develop innovative products that actually matter, then there are plenty of interesting projects waiting for you at TPS.

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Our Offer

Our Compelling Offer aims to form a deep attachment between every employee and the Company. There are four key goals that we focus on:

  • Reinforcing and strengthening our employees' understanding and personal experience of the Company and its quality products
  • Ensuring employee and departmental contributions are recognized regularly and effectively
  • Rewarding all employees fairly and equitably
  • Fostering outstanding management and leadership at TPS

If you are excited about our Compelling Offer, happen to be an innovator in your field and are seeking rewarding challenges in the workplace, then TPS is the right place for you.

Life at TPS

Our environment comprises of friendly colleagues, real-time projects, and the opportunity to make life better for people every day. TPS believes that excellent companies are built upon a foundation of valuable assets. Dedicated to developing strong relationships, we also believe our most vital asset is our people. We're looking for individuals who want to be a part of the future, and need employees who believe that what they do today will shape the future. Joining TPS translates into continual opportunities. Dedication, passion and talent of our people mean continuous growth. Our growth rests in valuable asset –our people.

TPS is home to over 150 committed, talented and ambitious young professionals. TPS offers a range of challenging opportunities that provide fast growth. TPS offers quality environment both in terms of Job Enrichment and working conditions. Employees can come up with their productive ideas that can benefit the company in attainment of the organizational goals. There is open house sessions conducted after every four months in which each department contributes its ideas for effective functions within the organization. We also believe in conducting training sessions, which enhances employee capabilities by providing tips of how to manage yourself and your work. Employees Development is also given prime importance at TPS where a whole career path of each member of the family is determined for their growth prospects into the future.

TPS is an equal opportunity employer.

Employee Benefits

The benefits provided by TPS have been well defined and is at par and often exceeds the benefits provided by the other employers in the same industry. This is the reason why the employees at TPS have been retained for four years and more. The majority of openings come up in technology department where we need Software Engineers, Quality Assurance Engineers & Technical Support Engineers.

Ever since its establishment, TPS remains a preferred employer for the talented and aspiring professionals for the following major reasons:-
  • Career oriented jobs
  • Exposure to local and international financial markets
  • Trainings for professional & personal development
  • Competitive and friendly environment
  • Attractive remuneration packages
  • Insurance Plans
  • Comprehensive medical benefits
  • Company maintained car